The Flandrien Hotel & Art Gallery introduction

The nickname “Flandrien” was first used to describe the tough Flemish track cyclists who competed at the six-day races in the early decades of the twentieth century.  The term was later adopted for the gutsy riders from Flanders who dominated the Tour of Flanders and other Spring classics.

Today the term Flandrien is not so much about a nationality but a mentality that encompasses universal values such as camaraderie, grit, determination, resilience, and a fighting spirit. And it’s these values that are celebrated through works of art at the Flandrien Gallery, which is located at the Flandrien Hotel in Belgium in the heart of the Flemish Ardennes.

pop art by John Mettepenningen

Flemish artist John Mettepenningen is popularly known as the “Andy Wharhol of Cycling” and has curated a special limited edition collection for the Flandrien Gallery that celebrates Belgian and International cycling icons.

Mettepenningen has exhibited his works at the Flandrien Gallery (Permanent Exhibition), SVB Berlin, the Tour of Flanders Museum in Oudenaarde, the Cycling Vlaanderen Exhibition at the UCI Cycling World Championships in Leuven, and at Peloton De Paris in Mechelen.

Each artwork undergoes meticulous hand-printing on premium stretched canvas in Belgium.  Mettepenningen employs traditional techniques, ensuring exquisite detail and vibrant colors. The process honors the region’s artistic heritage, resulting in timeless pieces that capture the essence of Flandrien craftsmanship and creativity.

flandrien art gallery at the flandrien hotel

The Flandrien Art Gallery is located at the Flandrien Hotel in the heart of the Flemish Ardennes in Brakel, Belgium.  Guided gallery visits are by appointment only. Reservations:

worldwide delivery

Artworks can be collected from the Flandrien Hotel & Art Gallery in Brakel and at Peloton De Paris in Mechelen. Sending costs for single artworks are €45,00 for the Benelux,  €75,00 for other European Union countries, UK & Ireland.

Delivery costs to Australia, New Zealand, USA and rest of world depend on size and format. Please contact us for a shipping quote before ordering.

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